Sally loves leading group workshops - they’re known for being inclusive, dynamic, transformational and fun! Different from private singing lessons, these voice sessions provide an opportunity to explore your full vocal potential, blend with collective sound, learn from others, sink into individual exercises, or fly solo whilst supported by the group.

No prior vocal training or experience is required to attend. Anyone can start his or her vocal journey; it’s never too late to start!

Workshops can cover any aspect of voice from - singing to spoken word. Each workshop will outline its focus. Most workshops are held in Auckland.

Focus for workshops can cover

-     Breathing and body connection
-     Freeing tension that impedes vocal freedom
-     Range and expression
-     Resonance
-     Authentic and centered sound
-     Developing listening skills, following, mirroring sound
-     Vocal ‘play’ or improvisation
-     Working with ‘extended’ voice
-     Exploring the voice and an instrument for sound
-     Blending with collective sound
-     Working with song (solo song or group choir)
-     Harmonizing with others
-     Solo work within a group
-     Vocal Health

My voice developed and grew by orders of magnitude under Sally’s patient tutelage. Her classes focus on developing confidence to, so that we could do something with our voices in their newly honed state. We worked on range, power, improvisation and breathing techniques, and all of the elements fitted together seamlessly. I highly recommend Sally’s teaching and these wonderful classes!
— Arthur Amon
I thoroughly enjoyed Sally’s vocal workshop. It was an uplifting and energizing day of movement, body and song, all within a supportive environment. Sally is a terrific and supportive instructor, able to draw out and encourage participants to explore their voice and connection with their whole body. But most importantly she ensured the day was a lot of fun!
— Hamish Stevens
I attended Sally Stockwell’s Movement and Sound’ workshop. I recommend it to anyone who wants to boost self-confidence through moving gracefully, breathing correctly when singing, speaking or going through stressful times; to feel less self- conscious in one’s skin. It challenged me to edge of my comfort zone, yet I felt safe and enriched by the experience of doing the exercises and tasks under Sally’s masterful direction.
— Viola Mapperson